Multi-variety, Multi-taste OZBBQ Meal Experience

Once upon a time, the only way to cook food of any kind was over an open flame. And although it has become a weekend or summertime activity these days, every country in the world has their own version of a traditional barbeque.

Here in Australia, we invite our friends and family over to enjoy a ‘barbie’ where we grill everything we can. Vegetables, seafood, snags, steaks, and even a few desserts. Inspired by the immigrants who built this country, Australia is a melting pot of culinary delights. And each one has brought their own iconic barbeque dishes with them.

In 2013, a single Lamb and Cumin store in Sydney operated casual kebabs, and gradually changed into a multi-variety, multi-taste, main and side food OZBBQ meal structure.

What began as simply offering a few well-known varieties, such as our namesake Lamb and Cumin skewer, Teriyaki beef skewer or our popular Wicked Chicken skewers, has since expanded into what we have today. Multiple locations where we serve a wide variety of meat and vegetarian skewers.

Seasoned and marinated according to methods borrowed from traditional Chinese barbeque, each skewer features a range of regional characteristics and flavour profiles. Along with delicious side dishes, such as American fries, Indian bagels, Chinese golden steamed buns and salads made with Australian grown produce, OZBBQ brings the multinational food culture of Australia to life with every dish.

Our Production Environment

Our production environment uses state of the art technology to ensure that all of our systems operate seamlessly at all times. With air-conditioned premises and well-trained staff wearing hygiene compliant uniforms, we process the freshest meat and use top-quality seasonings to produce our iconic Asian-inspired skewers.

Our skewer production facility is monitored on a continuous basis and receive the appropriate food quality and safety certifications at regular intervals. We believe that the health of both our employees and customers is vital. And that’s why every member of our staff undergoes rigorous inhouse training on the safe preparation of every product we offer.

We pay careful attention to how we process the meat and other ingredients used in our products. The raw ingredients are specially sourced and of proven origin. With exemplary work processes and modern technology, we guarantee that Lamb & Cumin and OZBBQ comply with an A1 hygiene standard at all times.

We know that we can only achieve the premium quality that we are known for by exercising the utmost care at every stage of the production process.

Lamb & Cumin

Founded in 2013, Lamb & Cumin is located in the iconic Chatswood food district of Hawker Lane. Serving casual street food made gourmet, our variety of skewers and assorted side dishes are affordable and delicious.

Our menu is inspired by Asian street food and our speciality is, of course, skewers. But we also serve a number of side dishes (we call them Yumchies) such as a chargrilled eggplant stack served with baked chilli, pickled radish and coriander. Looking for something for a large group? Try out our whole fish banquet that includes a selection of seafood (some of it skewered) as well as popular side dishes.

And if you’re in the mood to take your tastebuds on a little adventure, then be sure to check out our selection of Exotic skewers. They include Braised Beef Tendon skewers as well as Kidney skewers and even Testicle skewers.

And only available in our Lamb & Cumin store, the customer favourite Chicken Winner. We won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what that is. You’ll just have to visit us and hope you arrive at just the right time to find out for yourself!

OZBBQ Food Truck

The team behind Lamb & Cumin was inspired by the street food our founder enjoyed in Shenyang, north of China. And it would be crazy if we didn’t take our signature skewers to the streets of Australia, where everyone can enjoy them while exploring a street market or other outdoor events.

Our custom-built OZBBQ food truck features special smokeless purification technology and an eco-friendly smokeless charcoal oven that allows us to bring our signature chargrilled dishes to any location – without damaging the local environment at all!

Along with 304 stainless steel tabletops and barbeque equipment, the OZBBQ food truck has everything you need to serve finger-friendly flame grilled delights. Our OZBBQ food trucks are also available for purchase or hire, so contact us to find out more about how you can join the street food culture of Australia.

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